Good job. You passed the test.

You may need a bit of work in this area.

#1 Which of the following communities uses on average between 250 and 450 L/person/day of water? Select all that apply.

#2 Which representation of a family’s weekly water use best illustrates where and how water could be saved?

#3 A family of four wants to calculate each family member’s daily water use from the appliances they share (dishwasher and clothes washer). The family does 6 dishwasher loads and 5 clothes washer loads each week. Select one expression they could use to do this calculation.

#4 A family of four decides to challenge themselves to use less water. For 1 week, they record their water use. The family has decided on some strategies to reduce their total water use. Which strategies are unreasonable? Select all that apply.

#5 You want to estimate the number of people who might have lived in a pit house. Which of the following is required to determine the floor area needed?

#6 Which expression could you use to estimate how many adults lived in a pit house with a diameter of 9 m?

#7 Which strategies could you use to estimate how many people lived in 12 pit houses of similar size? Select all that apply.

#8 An archeologist calculated how many people lived in a pit house with a floor area of 63 m2. He divided 63 m2 by 4 and said 15.75 people. This is incorrect. What mistakes did the archeologist make? Select all that apply