#1 Which of the following is a vector quantity?

#2 An aircraft is flying due south. Some time later it is flying due east. Which vector best represents the aircraft’s change in velocity?

#3 A projectile is launched horizontally from a cliff edge as shown. What is the projectile’s time of flight?

#4 The gravitational field strength of the earth at its surface can be expressed as

#5 A 15 N force is applied to a 5.0 kg block as shown. What is the normal force on the block?

#6 A 5.0 kg block is on an incline. The friction force acting on the block is 25 N. What is the magnitude of the force, F, parallel to the incline, needed to move the block up the slope at constant speed?

#7 A varying force applied to an object is described by the F vs. d graph below. What is the work done by this force as it moves the object from 0.40 to 0.60 m?

#8 Joe ascends a small hill from an elevation of 250 m to an elevation of 490 m. In doing so he expends 2.8  105 J. If Joe’s mass is 75 kg, what is the efficiency of his climb?

#9 A 0.22 kg ball moving due south at 27 m s is struck by a wooden bat, changing its velocity to 36 m s north. If the bat is in contact with the ball for 0.57 s, what is the magnitude of the impulse on the ball?

#10 A 150 kg cart moving at 13 m s east collided with a 420 kg wagon moving at 5.0 m s east. The cart rebounded westward with a speed of 3.0 m s. What was the speed of the wagon after the collision?

#11 A 27 kg object moving eastward at 25 m/s exploded into a 17 kg fragment and a smaller 10 kg fragment. After the explosion, the 10 kg fragment moved at 18 m/s, 33° north of east. What was the speed of the 17 kg fragment after the explosion?

#12 A 25 kg block is shown suspended by two ropes. What is the tension in rope 2?

#13 A 5.0 kg mass is suspended from a cord. The mass is held as shown with a horizontal 23 N force. Find angle  .

#14 A uniform 3.5 m beam of mass 54 kg is supported by a cord attached at the 3.0 m position and at an angle as shown in the diagram. The tension in the cord is 730 N. What is the magnitude of the torque produced by the cord about the hinge?

#15 The horizontal uniform beam shown below is 4.0 m long and has a mass of 120 kg. If the maximum tension allowed in the cord is 2.7  103 N , what is the maximum load that can be hung from the end of the beam?

#16 A car completes a horizontal circle of radius r in time T. The same car then completes a larger horizontal circle of radius 2r in half the time. What is the ratio of the centripetal acceleration ac for the car in the second circle to that in the first circle ac2/ac1 ?

#17 An object is in uniform horizontal circular motion. Which of the following shows the correct direction for the velocity, centripetal acceleration, and centripetal force on the object at the point shown?

#18 A roller coaster car carrying a 75.0 kg man has a speed of 24.3 m s at the bottom of a circular loop. What is the normal force acting on the man when the coaster is at the bottom of the loop? (Ignore friction.)

#19 A satellite is placed in an orbit at a distance 8R away from the centre of the earth. It is then moved to a new orbit of radius 2R away from the earth’s centre. Which of the following is the correct ratio of the gravitational force in the new orbit to that in the old orbit?

#20 A 1600 kg object is initially at rest 400 km above the earth’s surface. The object falls straight down and generates 8.3 x 108 J of heat energy while descending to an altitude of 100 km. What is the velocity v( ) T of the object at this altitude?

#21 A planet is in an orbit of radius R around a star. The gravitational force exerted by the star on the planet is F. The star expands to 5 times its original volume while maintaining all of its mass. What happens to the gravitational force exerted by the star on the planet due to the expansion of the star?

#22 Three point charges are arranged as shown below. What are the magnitude and direction of the electric force on the 15 μC charge due to the other two point charges?

#23 Each diagram shows two points X and Y in the electric field near a positive charge. In which case is the difference in the magnitudes of the electric field strengths for the two points greatest?

#24 What is the change in potential energy of a 6.0 μC charge when it is moved 3.0 m closer to a 45 μC charge as shown?

#25 An electron travelling at 1.4 x 107 m/s enters the region between two charged parallel plates as shown. What voltage applied to the second plate would result in the electron just reaching this plate (v f = 0 at second plate) and what is the direction of the electric field between the plates?

#26 Consider the circuit element shown below. The voltage across the resistor increases from V to 2V. The current remains the same. By what factor has the resistance changed?

#27 A current of 2.0 A flows through resistor R1 as shown below. What is the current flowing through the 5.0  resistor?

#28 An electric motor is being supplied with 4.2 A of current at 120 V. The resistance of the motor is 8.0 . How much power is the motor dissipating as heat?

#29 A power source is providing a constant voltage V to the circuit shown below. If a 4.0  resistor is added to the circuit in series with the 5.0  what happens to the equivalent resistance of the circuit and the current through the 7.0  resistor?

#30 A 0.20 m-long solenoid with 700 turns of conducting wire has a current of 1.5 A. What is the strength of the magnetic field inside the solenoid?

#31 A conducting wire is carrying a current towards the top of the page as shown below. Due to the presence of a magnetic field the wire is experiencing a magnetic force directed out of the page. What is the direction of the magnetic field?

#32 A proton is travelling in a circular path of radius 0.19 m perpendicular to a 0.55 T magnetic field. What is the momentum of this proton?

#33 The single rectangular loop of wire shown below is being pulled out of the 0.50 T magnetic field at a constant speed. An emf of 0.60 V is being generated in the loop and the length of side ‘  ’ is 0.30 m.

#34 A changing magnetic field induces a current in the loop of wire shown below. Which of the following correctly describes the magnetic field?

#35 The current through an electric motor is increasing. The applied voltage is constant. Which of the following is correct?