What is Golden Key Education?


About Us

Golden Key Education is a personalized tutoring institution that provides professional, one-on-one tutoring as well as tutoring in online classes for students in the Greater Vancouver area. With a student-centered philosophy, our team of tutors apply the “one education consultant for every student, one tutoring plan for every student” mode of tutoring.

Why Golden Key is Unique

A personal bilingual education consultant would service serves as a bridge between parents and teachers, and provide consultation in both Chinese and English. We also provide holistic assessment for best teaching result. Our elite team of tutors are experienced and professional.


Personal Consultant


By assigning a personal education consultant to each student, we are able to comprehensively and accurately assess students’ academic levels and learning styles, find out about their goals and what motivates them, and discover their stumbling blocks along their paths to education.

Tailored Teaching Style


Golden Key respects each student’s personality and learning style, and matches them with the most compatible tutor according to their needs and evaluation results. Through discussion, the tutor and the education consultant develop a personalized tutoring plan for the student.

Periodic Reporting


Periodic reporting of results and the education consultant constantly following up on learning progress will effectively ensure that students improve their grades at school.

Psychology of Learning


Golden Key also pays special attention to applying principles from psychology in tutoring, thereby inspiring students’ interest in learning and increasing their self-confidence. This is why our institution is favored by clients.

Constructive, Relaxed Learning Environment Students Love


Our Mission

Golden Key’s goal is to create a constructive, relaxed learning atmosphere for students, so that they fall in love with learning. At Golden Key, we pay attention to every detail, make sure that every process is professional and effective, only so that we can provide students and parents with the highest level of satisfaction in our services.

Golden Key Education is not only devoted to providing students and parents with high quality services. We also emphasize serving the tutors on our team. We believe that tutors can quickly and accurately determine the teaching direction through evaluations of students by education consultants. This way, tutors will have more time and energy to prepare for classes, so that they can focus on helping students continuously improve. Tutors can rely on Golden Key Education and have faith that we can provide them with all the help they need in order for them to complete their mission as brilliant educators. Golden Key dedicates its efforts every day to establishing a happy, mutually compatible, long term, and friendly partnership between students, parents, tutors, and education consultants.

Student Success Stories



After a period of study, my daughter’s English has improved a lot. She has passed the exam and moved to the next level! Thank you very much for your help!

Ms. Zhen (Gr.8 ESL)

Parents Testimonial

After a period of learning, my daughter's English improved significantly, and advanced to the next level!

Rita Gr.8 ESL

Parents Testimonial

We are very satisfied with Golden Key Education’s service! If my younger son needs help in his study, I will definitely contact you. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends.


Parents Testimonial

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