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Golden Key offers online classes where to anyone around the world looking to receive world class training and education from one of our tutors.

No Distance Restriction

Neither local nor international students would ever be limited by distance ever again. They would be able to access various education information and be coach by top notch instruction at the comfort of their home.

Advance Technology

With the convenience bought to us by technology, a simple click on the computer or phone app, and student would be able to connect and start class with the teacher.

Lesson Plan and Progress Report

Same as in-home tutoring, parents would be able to receive customized lesson plan and progress report from the teacher. Golden Education would take the service further by translating the English report into Chinese for the client, so they would have transparent knowledge of the class progress.

Progress Monitor

Golden Key Education Consultant would monitor the student’s learning progress closely by communicating with the instructors. The clients would be notified right away in anything requires their attention; hence, ensuring the teaching quality.

Easy Web Payment

Local and/or international clients may utilize various e-payment options, and pay from different country for exceptional local services.

Student Success Stories



After a period of study, my daughter’s English has improved a lot. She has passed the exam and moved to the next level! Thank you very much for your help!

Ms. Zhen (Gr.8 ESL)

Parents Testimonial

After a period of learning, my daughter's English improved significantly, and advanced to the next level!

Rita Gr.8 ESL

Parents Testimonial

We are very satisfied with Golden Key Education’s service! If my younger son needs help in his study, I will definitely contact you. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends.


Parents Testimonial

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