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  • English Language Arts: reading, comprehension, spelling, grammar, handwriting, vocabulary, composition and advanced creative writing
  • English as a Second Language: introductory level English
  • All academic subjects from Grade 1 to Grade 12, such as Math, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc.
  • English proficiency for Post Secondary Entry Exams:  International
    English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Langara English Test
  • Lessons Taught In: Mandarin, Cantonese, French and Spanish

Free Phone Consultation

Feel free to call us anytime and consult our professional education team. Our education consultants have extensive consulting experience working with a variety of students. We understand different age groups of students and student’s interest is their priority. The parents can trust each education consultant to provide the best care and professional advice for their children.

Our education consultants are fluent in English, Mandarin or Cantonese. It can eliminate language barriers and improve communication with clients. Therefore, we can ensure that they can accurately grasp their needs. During the telephone consultation, we will have a preliminary understanding of the student’s needs and provide professional information for parents and students. We will give you an introduction to our services and arrange a free in-home assessment.

Free In-home Assessment and Tutor Matching

We believe excellent teaching quality is the result of perfect tutor pairing and the accurate assessment contributes to the success matching. We offer free in-home assessment not only for the convenience of parents but also for the students to conduct the assessment in a safe and relaxed environment. The evaluation and testing system of Golden Key Education is integrated into the psychological theory, which is not only a subject knowledge evaluation, but also the non-intelligence factors affecting children’s learning. The assessment is a comprehensive analysis of the child’s personality, learning style, study habits, motivation and interest. After the evaluation, the education consultant will explain the results of the assessment to the parents, and to provide advice to parents to help children progress.

According to the assessment’s result, your education consultants will match the best suitable tutor for you. We have a vast tutor database and our tutors provide service throughout the Greater Vancouver area, which gives more pairing possibility and flexible for hours. No matter where you are located or no matter what qualifications of tutors you are looking for, we are confident to find the best match tutor for you.

Formulate Tailored Lesson Plans

After finding the right teacher, we will ask the teacher to provide a brief lesson plan that points how he/she plans to teach this student and the objectives that the student will achieve at the end of the class. The lesson plan ensures the tutoring session are systematically, effective, measurable, and sets goals for both student and tutors to achieve. After the tutor provide a lesson plan, they will have to go over it with your personal education consultant to ensure the plan is feasible and will works with the student. Our experienced education consultant would also give insight and input into the lesson plan to make sure it’s feasible.

In-home Sessions and Regular Oral Report

All tutors are carefully selected and verified. They hold the same core values as our company: professional, responsible, caring, and helpful. Our goal is to guide students to achieve success in a warm and supportive environment, helping them develop motivation and interest in learning. They would all have come prepared to provide the best lesson. After each in-home session, our tutors will provide an oral progress update to parents.

A Detailed Study Tracking

After the first class, we would have the tutor give an oral report of how the first class went and how they plan to tailor their lessons from now on. Often after the initial tutoring session, the tutor has a better understanding of the student’s academic level and personality, the tutor will adjust the lesson plan accordingly, so as to ensure that the tutoring is tailored to the student’s needs. And your personal education consultant would report back to you and see how to work out an even more suitable lesson plan based on everyone’s feedback. Achievement reports are delivered to the student and parents after twelve lessons by the tutor and education consultant. The achievement report is done periodically to show vivid result of lesson result. So that parent, student, tutor, and the agency would have an idea of what’s working and what’s not.

Long-lasting effects

We believe the best way for student to learn is when they want to learn. There are many factors that play into a successful lesson besides the teacher qualification and experience. We believe a lesson style that is right for the kids will help them develop the interest and confident they didn’t even know they have before.

Our teaching style always embedded with element that help them develop interest, motivation, and confident in lesson. On top of stronger academic performance, students also gain more confidence in themselves. Our strong and approachable tutor-student relationship will make learning fun for students.

Student Success Stories



After a period of study, my daughter’s English has improved a lot. She has passed the exam and moved to the next level! Thank you very much for your help!

Ms. Zhen (Gr.8 ESL)

Parents Testimonial

After a period of learning, my daughter's English improved significantly, and advanced to the next level!

Rita Gr.8 ESL

Parents Testimonial

We are very satisfied with Golden Key Education’s service! If my younger son needs help in his study, I will definitely contact you. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends.


Parents Testimonial

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