Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)



A tutor’s education background and teacher experience are essentials. But the difference between a good tutor and a GREAT tutor often lies with their interpersonal skills and passion. Such qualities will be directly reflected from how engaged and motivated the student is during class.

We believe tutoring is a people business; therefore, each students will always have a dedicated education consultant that services them through-out their education career. Not only would the education consultant have better understand of the students, he/she would also be able to build rapport and trust with the student/parents/tutors, which greatly increase the effectiveness of tutoring.

We have a strict recruitment process.  After filtering through hundreds of resume, we will interview and assess the tutor’s ability to explain concepts clearly as well as their interpersonal skills. After years of working with hundreds of tutors, only the best of the best will remain in our team.

Our tutors are highly qualified in their subject matter.  They include university and college professors, professionals with a degree in their tutored area, teachers and university students with high academic standing.  Many of them hold a masters or doctoral degree and teach at the university or college level.

Absolutely. A stable and long term tutor-student relationship is most beneficial to a student’s academic career; therefore, we always make sure a tutor can commit to a long term tutoring before we assign them to our students.

Yes. We understand the many different ways that children learn and how best to adjust our teaching style to help them. Therefore, everyone student’s lesson plan is personalized.

We believe specialization in one thing, and be the best at it; therefore, we only offers 1-on-1 tutoring in Golden Key Education. But students could choose to have class in-person or online.

Yes.  Please contact us for more information, as our assessments are tailored to each individual student’s need.

We provide maximum tutoring schedule flexibility by pairing qualified teachers based on YOUR availability.

You will have your dedicated education consultant that service you and your family, but our team of experienced staff will always be available to you as well.

Tutoring Subjects

We focus on academic programs, generally grade 3 and up. Please refer to the subjects page on our website.

Tutoring Locations

Teaching takes place in your own home or in a preferred location.  In-home tutoring is usually most convenient for students and their parents, and allows for fewer distractions.  However our tutors are flexible and can arrange for an alternate location.

In-home tutoring are available to students in Greater Vancouver (eg. Vancouver, N/W Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and Surrey); however, our online tutoring have no geographic restriction. Well, except for the moon and Mars…